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If you need help, please call 1-855-700-6669 (Toll Free) or +1-365-800-6669 (Mob & WhatsApp) and we will help you set up your listing over the phone.

Most businesses and institutions who offer any type of service or product will come under “Service” listing type. We are using the term “Service” here in a very broad meaning. Some examples of businesses or institutions that could use this listing type are listed below. This is not a full list but just a sample for you get a general idea.¬†

  1. Food Services 
  2. Medical Services
  3. Legal Services
  4. Construction Services
  5. Churches
  6. Tailoring Services
  7. Kerala Grocery
  8. Pharmacy Services
  9. Baby Sitters
  10. Heating & AC
  11. Malayali Associations
  12. Medical Coaching
  13. Electrical Services
  14. Arts & Sports Clubs
  15. Realtor Services
  16. Physiotherapy Services
  17. Plumbing Services
  18. Insurance Services

However, if you are looking to list a one-time event scheduled at a particular date and time, then you should be using the “Event” listing type. Please feel free to call 1-855-700-6669 (Toll Free) or 1-365-800-6669 (Local) if you are still not sure or need help.

Due to a non-compete clause agreement with Corporations Canada, MALAYALI.CA will not be hosting any movie, cinema show, or celebrity related events. Please do not sign up to add such listings as they will be refused. We sincerely regret for the inconvenience.

The “Event” listing type is primarily for events that happen once in a while and on a particular date and time. An example would be a “Christmas Carol” program on December 24th at 06:00 PM conducted by a church. However, if you are listing the church itself with details about its location, service timings and location, then the ideal listing type would be “Service” listing. Examples of event listings include but not limited to:

  1. Onam Celebrations
  2. Vadam Vali Competitions
  3. Boat Race Competitions
  4. Professional Get Togethers
  5. Christmas Celebrations
  6. Retreats
  7. Cultural Competitions

Please feel free to call 1-855-700-6669 (Toll Free) or 1-365-800-6669 (Local) if you are still not sure or need help deciding the most appropriate listing type.