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Thank you for taking the time to know more about us and our history. MALAYALI.CA was started to solve one key issue that all immigrants to Canada face, especially the newcomers: How to find other Malayali businesses and professionals in your city who share our language and culture ?. We can all attest to that “feeling at home” when we can talk to someone in Malayalam and pour out all our heart’s content.

Think about a scenario where you are brand new to this country and would like to see a doctor or an accountant who speaks Malayalam. Our only option was to ask someone else and get that information from their limited pool of information. 

Bridging The Gap

What if there was a database of Malayali professionals and businesses that you could access on your computer or phone ? Going one more step above, what if we can access events and other happenings in the Canadian Malayali Community ? Keralites in Canada have so far lacked such a resource that covers the whole gamut of information concerning our community. We believe that the time for such an idea has come and wanted to blaze the trail. 

The Solution

We humbly present MALAYALI.CA as the solution for that longstanding need. It is our sincere belief that having a directory of Malayali businesses and professionals searchable by city and category will be a win-win situation for each and every one of us in the Canadian Malayali Community. We would be absolutely delighted to hear from you and please do let us know what you feel through our contact page.

Jimmy George

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