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You are at the right and wrong place at the same time. If you are looking to get exposure among the Canadian Malayali Community, you are definitely at the right place and talking to the right people. As Canada’s leading Malayali portal, we eat, breath and sleep Malayali and understand the pulse, ebb & flow of the Malayali diaspora in Canada.

This is what we specialize in and we may be able to help you introduce your service among the Canadian Malayali Community. If you are looking for something else, sad to say, you are at the wrong place. 

Promoted Listing On MALAYALI.CA

You can promote your listing on MALAYALI.CA which gives it an unfair advantage over non-promoted listings. The following are the benefits:

  • When visitors search for a particular service, your listing will come as first in the search results.
  • When someone arrives on a listing in the same category as yours, your listing will be shown at the end of that listing.
  • When we send out a social media blast about your type of service, when a visitor arrives to see that list on our website, your listing will be shown as the first listing.

This is billed on a 30-day basis. Promoted listings starts at $30 per month.

Banner Advertising On MALAYALI.CA

You can place a banner in the sidebar of listing pages or inside one of our high-traffic pages on MALAYALI.CA that will get you the attention of every single visitor who browse through the site. Banner placements are billed on a 30-day basis. Banner placements starts at $60 per month.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube has become a part and parcel of every Canadian Malayali’s internet experience. MALAYALI.CA’s YouTube channel has made great inroads to the Canadian Malayali Community and we are getting more and more views as well as subscribers for our channel.

Interested In A Video About Your Business Or Service For FREE ?

If it benefits our viewers and the Canadian Malayali Community, MALAYALI.CA media team will come to your business or professional service location and produce a professional video that will include a short interview with the owner, footage of the facility and any other areas that you want the viewers to see for FREE.

Every single aspect of the video will be pre-planned and the actual video will be produced using 4K Camera, Wireless Microphones, Gimbal and other equipment as needed by a skilled videographer. A professional movie editor then edits it into perfection. You also get unlimited exposure from that video as long as exists for FREE

Video Sponsorship

The first and foremost purpose of a video is to have the viewers go through it and if you are in a vertical where a Direct Exposure video is less likely to garner a visitors interest, the next best thing is to do a Video Sponsorship.

Let us explain it with an analogy. A Video Sponsorship is like a huge billboard placed in a high traffic intersection. Likewise, we will put a sponsorship message in a highly interesting video so that your service gets the viewer’s attention every time that video is watched. A classic example would be an auto insurance agent sponsoring a video about an auto repair shop as both are mutually complimentary topics.

You also get unlimited exposure from that video as long as exists. Video Sponsorship starts at $350.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a social media juggernaut that commands a fair share of every Canadian Malayali’s interaction with social media. Love them or hate them, Facebook also has a vast amount of data about how many Malayali’s are logging into Facebook from Canada. 

How Does It Work ?

For example, if you are starting a business, we can target Malayali’s living in a 15 kilometer radius from your business location. You cannot get this data from any other source. MALAYALI.CA is approved by Facebook to run ads and to target Malayali’s in Canada. Facebook Advertising packages start at $400.

Social Media Blast

MALAYALI.CA is a member of about 50+ Canadian Malayali WhatsApp Groups as well as 25+ Canadian Malayali Facebook groups which collectively has about 40,000 Canadian Malayali’s. Depending on the nature of your product or service, we may also be able to do a blast through these groups. 

Contact Us

Our goal is to give you the maximum bang for your buck and we will make sure that you get the most benefit out of any advertisements with MALAYALI.CA. Please contact us and we will together develop the best plan for your service to be introduced to the Canadian Malayali Community.

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